** REGISTRATION for the 2014 show will open soon. **

Nissan Jam registration includes a commemorative T-shirt. The event is free for spectators. Payment is available via Credit Card or Paypal.

Please read the following rules before registering.

  1. All children under age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult with his/her supervision at all time.
  2. NO ALCOHOL, NO personal BBQ, No loud music, No squealing of tires, No burnouts, No racing or cruising. Security will immediately escort out any participants in those activities.
  3. Day-of-show registrations will not be allowed. Once registration is closed online, it is closed for good.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse service and/or entrance to individuals we deem inappropriate. Any participants/exhibitors who fail to follow the written rules and regulations or verbal instruction from the event staff/volunteers is subject to disqualification and removal from the event. This also includes un-sportsman like behavior, excessive profanity, sexually explicit, violent, unethical, intoxicated, or under-the-influence behavior, questionable character or anything else deemed inappropriate by the event staff.
  5. Rules, regulations and award categories are subject to change at any time.

Once you have paid, you MUST complete your registration form.


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